How to Groom your Dog at Home with Clippers

How to Groom Your Dog at HomeDoes your dog have a wavy, silky, curly or long coat? If so, then your dog will need regular routine of hair clipping. Even though your dog’s coat is not that long, it is still advantageous to have a haircut for more than aesthetic reasons. Trimming and clipping in many breeds reduces the chances of tangles, matting and infestation of fleas including other pests, thus reducing the hazards of skin infections. Clipping will also help your dog to remain clean and cool during long hot summers. Clipping your dog’s coat is simple to do, so long as you have the necessary materials including clipper, scissors and trimmers. With your clippers ready, follow these steps on to learn how to groom your dog at home with clippers:

Wash your dog with shampoo, then towel him off and position him on top of the table to dry completely.
Gently comb your dog to get rid of any tangles from his coat. 
Begin by clipping from the top of the head as you move down the neck to the shoulders, then under the ear, chin and around the throat and down the chest.
Place the clipper around your dog's neck and trim the ears. Clip the ear as you hold it on your hand to avoid any injury on the dog’s ear. 

Gently continue clipping down the front legs, but firmly hold up the dog’s leg and hold straight out in front. Avoid bending the leg into unnatural position because you might hurt the dog. Be careful on parts where the skin is thin, pressing the clippers too hard can possibly cut out the skin. 
Raise the leg to the side to get the clippers right into the shoulder area. This section has proved difficult with clippers but you can also use scissors to cut the fur here. Run the clippers round the legs to the paw and ensure you maneuver everywhere on the legs. Be careful on the dew claw to avoid the blade cutting it.
Run the clippers on the dog’s back and then down the sides of the body. Lift the front leg up in order to move the clipper from the chest area to underneath the tummy. 
After that, move to the rear leg area. This will reasonably make it easy to clip the outside part of the rear leg, but you will also need to move the leg to reach inside part. Turn the dog around so that you can clip the inside part of the back leg. Remain gentle as you hold the dog’s leg and avoid holding the dog in an awkward position.

After the back legs are clipped, then move the clippers from the body to an inch down the tail all round. 
It’s now time to change the blade to number 10 for a short cut around the anal area and tummy. Hold the tail up and move the clippers down the backside and around the anal opening. Lift the back leg up and out to clip around the tummy area. Use this blade only at the back area where matting tends to occur easily.
Then change the blades back to longer lengths to clip the other side of the dog.
You can also begin from the back and finish at the head area without missing any part. This routine can be difficult if your dog is fidgety, so you will need to clip part of the dog and then give him a break before you continue.