Tips How To Crate Train A Dog

 How To Crate Train A Dog

If you want to know how to crate train a dog, you need to know some important things. We are going to talk about the place of the crate, bedding, toys, food, water and other important things. The last part of the article will be dedicated to the steps required to crate train a dog in a successful manner.

Place, Bedding and Toys
Make up your mind about the place where you will put the crate. It must be placed where both your family and you spend a lot of time. It also should be away from nearby objects. Decide the right bedding for the crate. If you plan to put a soft bed inside the crate, you might be making a mistake as your pet might either tear it to shreds or chew it.

If your puppy is rather destructive, put a bed only when he or she gets older. Choose the toys that will be inside the crate. When your dog is alone, he or she will play with these toys. However, be careful about the types of toys you put inside the crate. If your dog is unsupervised, he must play with the right toys. Use tough toys made of rubber inside your crate.

Water, Food and Create

Make up your mind about either putting water or food inside the crate, as puppies should drink water all day. If you are housebreaking a dog, do not leave food inside the crate all day long. Buy a used crate and save some money. A crate will keep your dog safe when you are not at home. The crate must not be put in a place where it can be either chilled or overheated. Do not move the crate around the house, as your dog will get confused.

The Steps

Do not force the puppy into the crate, as he should be doing it on command. Stuff a Kong toy in front of the nose of your puppy. Stuff the toy with either some treats or peanut butter. Your dog must see what you are doing. A friend of yours must be holding the collar of your dog so he cannot get the toy. Throw the toy into your crate when stuffed and close the door. Now say “in the crate” while your friend let go of the dog´s collar. Leave the door shot for a few minutes. Now let the dog go inside. Next repeat the process until your dog enjoys going into the crate.

We have been talking about how to crate train a dog and many other things. Your dog must be willing to go into the crate on command, so using a hallow toy will do the job. Hollow toys are especially useful because they can be stuffed with any treat you may think of. For instance, you can stuff a hallow toy with meat that your puppy loves to eat, so be creative and read even more about how to crate train a dog as soon as you can do it.