The Best Tips For Grooming Your Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy

Grooming Your Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy
When the term “Man’s best friend” was coined, in reference to our relationships with dogs, long haired German shepherd puppy must have been the muse of the person who created the phrase. They are that loyal, loving and of course, smart.

The way to repay your best friend is simple, you take care of them as they would take care of you. At the forefront of that concept, grooming is at the top of the list.

Long haired German Shepherds, require their own specific set of grooming guidelines and by understanding and utilizing this knowledge, your best friend’s quality of life becomes enhanced and in turn, it promotes their happiness.

Here are the items and dog grooming supplies you will need:

An assistant
1 cup of water
Tablespoon of conditioner
Paper towel
Thinning shears
Undercoat rake
Slicker brush

Instructional Guidelines:

Make sure the collar around your dogs neck is snug, then attach the leash to the collar. Hand the leash to your assistant and have them keep the dog calm and composed while you groom them. Get the bowl and pour the water and conditioner into the bowl and mix thoroughly with the spoon.

Grab the undercoat rake and brush the fur in the in the same direction that it lays. Smooth and even out the fur of any foreign particles or tangles. Check out the skin for any scabs or dry patches that could point out the possibility of skin trouble.

When you groom the ears, brush the hair around them with the slicker brush. Gently pull the dogs ears down and lightly cut the outside hairs with the thinning shears. Finally, lift up the dogs ears and lightly cut the inside hairs of the ear.

When you groom the feet, gently raise the hair in between the dogs toes and comb the hair up with the slicker brush. Grab one of the dogs paws and lightly cut the hair along the top of its paw with the thinning shears. Trim any long hair in the back of its paw. Repeat with the remaining paws.

Go over the undercoat are with the brush again. If there are any trimmed bits of hair, get a paper towel and clean the bottom of the dogs paws of any trimmed hair.

Tips for Success:

Always try to make sure the environment in which you are grooming your dog in, is calm and quiet, away from distractions.

Make sure to talk to your dog in a calm and soothing manner so it will remain relaxed, ensuring the best results.

Be gentle when brushing the dogs hair. If you brush the dogs hair too abrasively, it may scrape or cut the dogs skin.

Always make sure to brush your dog's hair at least once a week to remove dead strands of hair and to improve circulation in their skin. By taking these proper steps of grooming your long haired German Shepherd puppy, you ensure the very best in well-being and happiness. When your dog is happy, you are happy.