German Shepherd Dog Chewed Off His Own Leg To Save His Life

Tiffany Norton, a volunteer from charity that specializes in helping abandoned German shepherds in city of Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA could not believe her own eyes when Rocky, only eleven month old German shepherd was surrender to her after chewing off his back, right paw.

It was Sunday, November 9, when the pet owner brought Rocky to the shelter stating that he did not know why the dog chewed off his limb. After a careful examination, it became apparent that the animal must have been tethered by a chain or rope that closed off circulation to his leg and he had no other option than to try to free himself at any cost. ABS News reported that since it is illegal to tether dogs to stationary objects, the pet owner will be investigated by animal control officers.

Because of Rocky’s physical state, the shelter had decided to transfer him to Alicia Pet Care to get help from veterinarians. Maria Bromme, one of the professionals that took care of the poor animal said that after he came in and they took off his bandages, the view was truly horrid and heartbreaking. “I was absolutely breathless,” she said. 

Unfortunately, because of the massive size of the self-inflicted damage, there was nothing else they could have done but to amputate his leg. That sounds like a very sad ending for Rocky but if you ask Maria, she will tell you that that unlike humans that can create a special sentiment, animals are just very quick to adjust and move on. Her opinion is only supported by the fact that Rocky has regained a perfect health and is getting used to his new way of life. He will be offered for adoption. 
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