Firefighters Save Dog From Underneath Car Seat

Curiosity got the better part of a small puppy in Valencia, Spain but luckily the firefighters got the little puppy out of the trouble. The little puppy had gotten his head somewhat stuck beneath a car’s front seat. The little puppy was inside the vehicle, busy sniffing the car's interior when something that was underneath the car's front seat caught the puppy's attention. The little puppy overtaken by curiosity, went out of his length and tried hard to reach what he had seen underneath the vehicle's front seat. In this dire attempt, the small puppy unfortunately, got his little head stuck between the car seat and the car seat’s metal, adjustment-bar.

Fortunately for the puppy, the Valencia Firefighters came to the rescue and took the vehicle's interior apart & removed the car seat so as to free the little puppy. Thanks to these great Valencia firefighters, the little puppy is now alive and well.