Nine Things You May Not Know About Your Own Cat

Cats are fascinating felines that can be both friends and foes. Anyone who shares a home with a cat knows of the happiness their kitty border brings to life with her meowing and purring and catnip induced craziness...and, of course, the way your cat seems to look down on you as though she is your owner, and only hanging around because it suits her. With all the cat celebrating and cat deprecating texts out there, it would seem that there would be little to nothing left unknown about these ferociously fun felines. Not so! We have gathered some feline facts that might have you purring with happy surprise. Keep reading to let the cat out of the bag.

Nine Things You May Not Know About Your Cat
1. Your cat has night vision: It's true! Your cat was born with the awesome ability to see in the dark. In fact, cats are able to see at one sixth the light level that is required for humans to have vision. So, next time you get up for a glass of water in the middle of the night, rather than turning on all those house lights, have your cat lead the way! Warning: you might just end up at the litter box.

2. Your cat does not have a sweet tooth: Cat taste buds are unable to detect the flavor humans call "sweet". Why is this? The taste buds of a cat are literally incapable of tasting sugar. So, if a cat were to eat a cupcake, it would only detect the texture; there would be no sweetness whatsoever.

3. Energy Drink ingredients keep your cat from going blind: DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY! You should never, ever feed your cat an energy drink. However, it is true that one of the ingredients found in many energy drinks, Taurine, keeps your cat from losing his or her vision. Taurine is an amino acid that most animal bodies make on their own. Cats, however, need Taurine in their diet in order to keep from going blind. Luckily, cat foods contain Taurine, so your kitty's eyes are safe!

4. Your cat has a crazy collarbone: Cat's collarbones are not actually attached to any other bones in the cat's body. (Before you freak out about your furry friend's floating collarbone, read on.) Cat collarbones are buried in muscle, and that is how they stay a part of the whole body system. Having their collarbones connected to muscle rather than other bone is what makes squeezing through tight spots a cinch for your cat.

5. Whisker Wisdom: Everyone knows not to cut a cat's whiskers- but why? Cats use their twitching whiskers to tell whether or not they can fit through an opening. It is too bad humans can't use their mustaches the same way!

6. Pause on Paws: The four paws of a cat are not identical. Cats actually have five toes on their front paws, and only four on their back paws. Take a peek at your feline's feet. If your cat does, in fact, have five toes on all paws, then he or she is a Poly dactyl Cat (poly dactyl means having extra toes).

7. The Scoop About Poop: No one likes to change a dirty litter box. But imagine if, instead of clay, your kitty's litter was a box of sand! That would make litter box changing so much more of a mess. Until 1948, kitty litter was made from sand. Then, thankfully, it was discovered that clay was a better, more absorbent material.

8. Issac Newton bettered life for owners everywhere: Your cat wants in. Your cat wants out. You let your cat out and she mews outside, only to stare yearningly at the door as soon as you let her in. This aspect of cat owning is far from perfect

9. Fast Furry Feet: Your cat is a speed demon. That bull of fur is faster than the world's fastest human man, Usain Bolt. While bolt bolts at an impressive 27 miles per hour, your domestic house cat is able to clock 30 miles per hour! Lesson learned: never challenge your feline friend to a race.
, but the kitty flap door has certainly helped make the in and outs of feline friendships a little more bearable- and for that, you have Sir Issac Newton to thank! The famous mathematician and physicist is perhaps better known for fathering calculus, and his contributions to the invention of the telescope, but we think his Newtonian cat flap door is what makes him the cat's pajamas!