Seventy Year Old Lady Dive Into Water To Save Dog

An elderly man and woman from Bath, England, was pulled from the frigid waster of Avon River, after she jumped in the river and risked her life to save her dog.

The incident began when a 70-year old woman's Jack Russel Terrier, accidentally fell into the frigid waters, in the blink of an eye . As the pet struggled to survive, the elderly woman demonstrated the utmost courage by leaping into the water to save her beloved pet. Unfortunately though, she was unable to reach her pet, due to the fact that the cold temperate caused her to loose consciousness shortly after she leaped into the river.

Fortunately though, a 55 year old man by the name of Glenn Hunter, spotted the courageous woman and jumped into the river as well. After struggling for 20 minutes to keep the elderly woman afloat as he battled the turbulent currents, they were rescued by fire fighters from a nearby department who also managed to rescue the pet as well.

It's pretty clear though, that because of her attempts, this old lady save her dog, who would of more than likely perished without the assistance of the fire department. Currently, the woman is residing at a hospital and is in critical condition.