The Story of Leo the Puppy - How A Rescued Puppy Found A New Life

While traveling along a scenic beach in Thailand,Canadian Meagan Penman came upon an abandoned and partly paralyzed dog dragging itself along the sand. Judging by its injured state, the dog was clearly in agony and required medical help. The injured dog was "dragging his paralyzed body around," Penman said, who then took the dog to a local vet. It turned out that the animal had a broken spine, which meant that he would never be able to walk again.

Without any animal rescues nearby, the dog had nowhere to go in Thailand, which meant that Penman was the only one at that time who could help him, Penman took it upon herself to try and help the injured animal, regardless of the circumstances, and this was how the hopeful and inspiring of Leo the puppy started.

Leo, who was originally a paraplegic stray in the streets of Thailand, was flown over to Canada and found a new life there. According to local estimates of the anonymous rescuers, Leo was not likely to survive another month on his own. So when no rescue came from local authorities, Penman took it upon herself to give Leo a new home.

She took him back to Canada where he now lives. Today, Leo seems to be living fairly well. Most of his diseases were treated, including problems with his urinary tract, and although he would never be able to walk, his health has significantly improved. Penman even points out that he seems to be happier.

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