Tips For Finding the Perfect Purebred Dog Or Puppy

Purchasing a purebred dog or puppy is a commitment for a lifetime for that dog or puppy. Here are few tips for finding the perfect purebred dog or puppy from a pet supply company or pet store. 
1. If you love the purebred dog or puppy then you should first make sure that the purebred dog or puppy is compatible with your lifestyle. Before purchasing it you should first be clear about your motives for purchasing this type of dog. Do you want this dog for showing it off? Do you want it as a protection? Or do you want to purchase it as a family pet.

    2. Secondly, you should learn that how the chosen breed behaves and whether it will be able to fit your lifestyle. You should keep in mind that how much space the dog will take and how much of exercise the dog should do daily. You should also keep the hair and drool factor and it’s grooming needs in your mind before purchasing it. 

  3. You should adopt the dog or puppy from the breed rescue group rather than purchasing it from a breeder. 

  4. You should try to get all the information about that particular breed from the breed club before purchasing it.You can search about the particular breed from the internet or you can also ask your friends and relatives to know more about the particular breed. You should visit your friends or relatives who have the same breed of dog to see a particular breed in person. 

  5. After making a decision, you should now seek out a reputable breeder to get a healthy dog or puppy with a sound temperament. The temperament of the puppy is formed fully within six weeks and it is determined solely by the genetics and the environment in which it breed. You should avoid purchasing the puppy from the local pet store because the puppies at the local pet store are bred often by the puppy mills for quick cash. 

  6. You should contact the breeders and visit their facilities to meet their dogs. The facilities of the dog should be clean and the behavior of the dog should also be good. All the dogs at the facility should be clean, healthy and it should be free of parasites. The breeder who is good will screen the breeding stock for all the common health problems before breeding it. You should research about all the common health problems of the puppy which you want to purchase and ask the breeder for the proof of the screening of that particular puppy. A breeder who is reputable will be able to provide you with veterinary certifications to prove that the puppy is been cleared of all the serious health issues. If the breeder is not being able to provide you with all the information then you should not trust that breeder. The reputable breeders will also provide you a guarantee that you can return the puppy if you discover any serious health condition within the first few days of your purchase. 

  7. A complete veterinary exam should be done within the 24 hours of picking the puppy. You should provide your puppy with quality food.