3 Simple Tips How to Stop Puppy Chewing

Every dog owner will sooner or later find some unexpected damage done by his or her dog. The dogs usually make a great use of
its sense and vision to explore the world but it also put everything in to their mouths to take in new information. You can direct
your dog to chew the appropriate things so that you can save your valuable things from getting destroyed. Are you thinking that how to stop that puppies chewing?
Well, you should read the following to know how to stop that puppies chewing.

How to Stop That Puppies Chewing?

1. Understand Why The Puppies Chew: The puppies like toddlers and infants try exploring the world by putting
the objects in to their mouths. The puppies teethe for around 6 months which creates some discomfort to them,
so chewing facilitate the teething and it also makes the sore gums feel better. The adult dogs do the chewing
for various reasons. If you want to deal with the chewing habit of your dog then you should first determine that
why it is chewing things. The probable reasons that why the dogs chew are as follows:

- It was not taught that what it should chew or what it should not chew.
- It suffers from separation anxiety
- It is bored
- It wants attention
- Its behavior is fear-related

2.Teach the Dog That What It Should Chew and What It Should Not:

-You should take responsibility of your belongings: If you do not want the dog to chew your things then you
should keep the things out of its reach.

-Give some toys to the dog so that it can clearly distinguish it from the other household goods.
You should not confuse the dog by offering it the shoes or socks as the toys and then expecting it
 to distinguish things by itself.

-Next, you should supervise your dog until it learns all the house rules. The dog should be kept on
 its leash so that it cannot make a mistake when it is out of your sight. You should confine your dog
 whenever you are unable to keep an eye on him.

-You should give plenty of your time to your dog. The dog will not be able to know that how it should
behave until you teach it how to do so because it is unable to do it by itself.

- You should try giving plenty of mental and physical exercise to your dog so that its attention is been
diverted every time from the unnecessary things. If you catch that your dog is chewing something then you
should interrupt it by making a loud noise.

- You should try freezing a wet washcloth for your puppy to chew on when it is teething because it will help
 to soothe its gums. You should supervise your puppy so that it does not swallow the pieces of cloth.

3. You Should Never Punish or Discipline it After You Discover the Fact: If you discipline or punish your dog
then it will unable to learn things. If you are punishing the dog after you discover that it is doing something
wrong then it will fail to eliminate its undesirable behavior.