5 Ways Brain Scans Show That Your Dog Really Loves You

There’s no question about how much we love our dogs, and somehow, we’ve always had that sneaking suspicion that our dog loves us just as much, if not even more!

We see our dog’s love in the way they wag their tails, jump with excitement, and bark happily when we’re around. And if these aren’t enough to convince the skeptics, perhaps the recent brain imaging technology that proves what goes on in your beloved pet’s brain will.

Thanks to numerous scientific studies on our canine partners, we have scientific proof of what we’ve known all along: our dogs love us to the moon and back, and they’re truly every pound the man’s best friend we’ve hoped them to be.

1. Your dog knows exactly how you look—and smell!

You’ve surely noticed your dog’s incredible ability to know that you’re within the area. That may have something to do with their ability to hear, which is 10 times more powerful than a human’s. Or the reason may be the fact that they’ve hardwired your scent into their brains.

A study at the Emory University showed that a dog owner’s aroma trigger a reward in the dog’s brain, and the dog prioritizes his owner’s smell more than anything else!

2. You are your dog’s parent!

Other animals like horses and wolves will run away when they sense fear, but not dogs! Your dog looks to you as a parent, just like human babies in distress run to their parents!  That’s right: you are your dog’s parent, which means the responsibility of knowing how to raise the perfect dog through puppyhood and beyond is squarely on your shoulders. And considering how much you and your dog love each other, we’re sure you don’t mind!

 3. There’s a reason why your dog loves looking into your eyes.

Do you feel the love whenever you stare into your dog’s eyes? That’s not just your imagination! Research shows that dogs love looking into their owners’ eyes, something most non-primate animals are unable to do.

4. Your dog’s brain and your own brain are a LOT alike.

There’s a reason why you can pick up on your dog’s emotions through his barks and sighs. That’s because dogs and humans process emotions in sounds pretty much the same way. The part of the brain in dogs that lights up whenever happy sounds are transmitted are the same part that lights up in human’s brains!

5. We humans love our dogs just as much!

The love our dogs have for us is by no means one-sided.  A study from the Massachusetts general Hospital showed that people pretty much love humans with equal measure. The same brain activity is sparked when humans were asked to respond to photos of their dogs and their children.

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned from all these studies, it’s that our dogs are just as awesome as we thought they were… Phew! Looks like all that hard work and training you and your beloved pet exerted in order to know how to raise the perfect dog paid off, right?