5 Ways To Cut Down On Behavior Problems In Dogs

Dog Behavior Problems
Any new or potential dog owner is usually very excited to have that wonderful new companion. However, having a dog comes with its own share of problems. The best thing is that you can adopt training techniques that reinforce positive behavior in a dog. 
Common dog behavior problems and how to deal with them

Cut down on chewing by giving chew toys

Chewing is a common behavior problem witnessed in dogs. Dogs chew during teething, when they are bored or even due to nervousness. Act as soon as you realize your dog just chews anything he/she comes by. This is because the dog may end up consuming something harmful. Apart from that it also leads to destruction of valuable things. For example when your dog chews shoes, and even remote controls do not encourage her. There are chew toys specifically designed for dogs.

Offer obedience training 

Obedience training for dogs is necessary to stop excessive barking, whining for attention and jumping. Barking is normal in dogs, however when it goes overboard it is classified as a behavioral problem. A dog will bark all the time when they are frustrated or anxious. 
On the other hand if your dog whines a lot and you tolerate it she will just continue. In other words you are letting her know that whining is fine. Instead ignore them or walk away. Give your attention only when the dog is not whining.
Jumping is also another way through which untrained dogs use to welcome visitors. Welcoming visitors is not bad but some guests can be scared. They might think the dog wants to bite them.
All these mentioned dog behavior problems can be tamed by training your dog on obedience. Do this as soon as you get the puppy, however young he/she is. There are basically four commands that are used in obedience training. These include sit, down, stay and come. Once you train your pet on these commands you will have no attention, barking or whining problems.

Do not feed your dog from the table

Never try this as your dog will be accustomed to begging. Giving your dog table scraps will encourage him to beg during meal times. Have a designated eating place for your dog. Let him know when it is eating time. A well trained dog will not salivate or stare at people when they are eating. Instead it will just lie down and remain calm. Also ensure you feed your dog well. If you underfeed a dog, he may still end up begging. Begging can be embarrassing especially when you have visitors around.

Train your dog on socialization skills to limit aggression and even biting

Dogs will normally bite while anxious or nervous. The major mistake most dog owners make is to have their dogs locked and secluded to one environment. This makes the dog unfamiliar to most people and situations. Instead experts advise that you introduce your dog to different settings and situations. This makes a dog calm and comfortably when in different situations. It is important that you spend time with your dog. This helps instill trust in them. Aggression that cannot be controlled might force you to involve a professional dog trainer.

Train your dog on how to deal with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral problems in dogs. Some dogs normally go crazy when left alone. This can be very serious because they can become uncontrollable. They will eventually end up destroying things around the home, wailing wildly and barking weirdly. If you left people at home they may be forced to take refuge. Let your dog get used to your coming in and going out. 

Firstly, do not make your leaving the house a big deal. Make your dog comfortable a few minutes before you leave. For instance you can put him in his crate then give his favorite chew toys. Secondly when you come back do not encourage the pet to jump at you. Using the four obedience commands make him learn that your coming is no big issue. Thirdly, for a start do not leave for long hours. Go out for around 5 minutes then come back. By coming back so soon after leaving your dog will be at ease knowing that you will always be back anytime you leave.

Dogs can have marvelous relationships with human beings if trained appropriately. Training your dog will be one of your most daunting tasks during the first few weeks. Ensure you train on all aspects including obedience, socialization, problem solving and even house training.