A Cat Newbie? Know The Three Nicest Breeds Ideal For First-Time Cat Owners

A cat newbie? Know the three nicest breeds ideal for first-time cat owners
Cats are known to be fantastic pets, especially for first-time owners. Their self-sufficient nature seems to strike a perfect balance between devotion and independence. Kitties are known to be highly adaptive of their human’s need for involvement, which means newbies who are still getting used to having a pet around do not need to fulfill their demand for interaction. Instead, cats are known to have the ability to comply with their owner’s wishes to interact.

As you are planning to welcome your first-ever cat in your family, it is important to know the friendliest cat breeds that can make the best pet for first-time cat owners like you. 

Abyssinians – Easily pleased and playful 

Known to be one of the oldest cat breed in the world, the Abyssinian cats are known to be relatively undiscriminating as compared to other cats. She can get along easily with her owner and other people, making it an ideal companion for families with children. Abys are known to be super athletic, affectionate and adventure-seeking, and so someone who loves to play with cats would most likely be an ideal owner. 

Abys’ shorthaired fur requires little combing and brushing; making it an ideal choice for first-time owners who are still adjusting with the cat’s grooming needs. They are also highly perceptive, and can be housetrained through different techniques, such as clicker training.

Persians – Calm and tender 

First became popular in England and in the whole Europe during the 19th century, Persian cats are known for their sophistication and elegance. Cats of this breed are very docile and gentle, making it an ideal pet for families with children, or for owners who prefer less interaction with their critter. Persians are also keen observers, and enjoy a lot spending time curling up in their owner’s lap.

Persians are also ideal for owners who are fond of brushing their critter’s fur. Dressed with long-haired coat, Persians would need at least 20 minutes of grooming session per week to prevent mats from forming.  This is perfect for those first-time owners who want to cuddle their pet for relaxation and delight.

Ragdolls – Easy going and cute

If you are looking for an adorable and sweet cat that loves to curl up in your lap, loves to follow you around, and wants to be petted and be brushed but not too much, a Ragdoll can be an ideal pet for you. Known to be relaxed and gentle, Ragdolls want to hang around with their owners. In fact, they can be tuned in with almost all of your activities. But no matter how intrigued they are of what you do, Ragdolls know when to seek attention and when to stand aside.

Ragdolls have soft, long fur that can easily be combed. A short brushing session once or twice every week would be enough to ensure that her coat is dirt and mat-free.

Ragdolls are highly lovable. Their innocent blue eyes and wedge-shaped head contribute greatly with their cute looks, which complement with her soft, kitten-like poise that tends to endure until old age.

Deciding to adapt a pet is never an easy task. Moreover, choosing the pet that would be most appropriate for your family, your environment, and your lifestyle can even be more difficult. But no matter how challenging the process of deciding what critter to pet is, it is almost always absolute that your unconditional love to these beautiful creatures is all that you need to make all the hustles and bustles of pet parenting a worthwhile experience.