Building a Snowman with Your Pet? Keep these 5 Winter Safety Tips in Mind

Living in a winter wonderland isn’t always fun, especially for your four-legged family member. Before you and your pet dive into the snow and enjoy the cold weather, you might want to know what you’re getting your pet into and how you can prevent him from the perils of the snow. Here are some safety tips for cold weather for your pet.

1. Consider keeping your pet indoors.

If your pet is stationed in the backyard, you can keep him dry by providing a dry and warm shelter that complies with your state laws. However, if the weather is bitterly cold, you should consider keeping him indoors. You wouldn’t want your furry friend to freeze outside!

2. Consider giving your pet a fur coat.

We know how you feel against fur coat, so we advise that you get at least a faux minx or a layer of clothing on your pet.

For most dog owners, another concern is how to protect dog paws from snow; you might want to give your canine pal a fashion boost with some really cool winter boots. A good pair of special booties will protect your pet from frostbite.

3.  Adjust your pet’s diet and keep the water fresh!

Because your pet needs to stay warm during the cold weather, you’ll notice your furry pet eating more than usual. This means that you might have to keep that water bowl fresh every so often. And be careful about pet treats during the winter…the last thing you want is an overweight pet! Stick to natural pet treats or try making homemade pet treats so you can regulate your pet’s diet.

4. Stay away from the antifreeze!

This is where it gets pretty serious. Antifreeze is a chemical that leaks from some cars during wintertime, and it’s something you should protect your pet from by all means! Even a tiny sip can pose serious harm to your pet. If he starts acting strange or convulses, you better take him to the vet ASAP! Of course, prevention is still the better solution, and you can do this by keeping your pets away from where your car is parked and cleaning up any spillage at once.

5. Train your dog safely.

Unfortunately, a lot of pet owners let their pets go during the winter. Remember, your pet will be eating more than usual to keep himself warm. And if you stop training and exercising with him altogether, he may easily become overweight by the time winter is over!
The solution is quite simple: Don’t stop training your dog and keep his routine the same way as possible. So don’t stash away the bark collar with remote and your best silent dog whistle. Trust us, you’ll need it!

It’s easy to get carried away as you and your fur buddy have all the fun in the snow. But hopefully, with these five tips, you can address your pet’s concerns during the cold weather—allowing you to have fun with your pet in the safest way possible.