Cat Proofing Your Home is Easy With These 10 Essential Tips!

Won’t you agree that having a cat around the house is just like having a baby? Like babies, their curiosity knows no bounds and they would pretty much sink their teeth on anything they can get their paws on. This little habit of theirs sure is adorable, but you’d want to keep them as safe as possible. Cat proofing your home is an absolute must, as you don’t know what your cat is capable of. Here are some excellent tips to protect your kitty from unspoken dangers around your home.

Put the toilet lid down.

Your kitty may hate the water, but sometimes she’d find it impossible to resist the call of going straight for the toilet water. Cats, no matter the size or age, can easily fall into the toilet and drown.

Store medications, toxic items and hazardous objects securely.

 Don’t leave your meds lying around the house. The same goes for any toxic items or sharp, hazardous objects. Put them away in a cabinet or cupboard that your cat won’t be able to open. And if your cat somehow manages to learn how to open it (I won’t be surprised if your kitty is smart enough to do that!), then use baby proofing latches.

  Keep the laundry area safe.

You can’t get wait to get your clothes dried, can you? But before you head to the dryer, check if your cat isn’t napping on—or inside—it! You should also make sure that detergents, bleach, and all chemicals are in a container your kitty can’t open.

Bundle all your cords together.

All hanging cords for lamps, blinds, and curtains, are strangulation hazards for your cat. The same goes for electric cords. If keeping them out of reach from your cat isn’t possible, the next best option is to bundle them together.

Don’t let your kitty run off.

This one applies if you’re planning to keep your cat indoors. First, all windows must be covered with a sturdy screen. Next, make sure she doesn’t dash out of the house faster than you realize as you open the door.

Make sure the trash can is tightly shut.

Even the trash can won’t be spared from your cat’s curiosity. How many times has your kitty knocked over your trash can open? The only way to kitty proof it is by having a lid and a latch on your trash can. Try not to use plastic bags as trash cans: you just know your cat can’t claw her way through it.

Check your furniture around the house.

Does the pieces of furniture in your house have tight spaces and corners? Be careful about them… when you can’t seem to find where your kitty is at, she’s probably nestling in some warm and dark corner of a furniture inside your house. Always check if your cat is inside before closing it!

If it’s small enough for your cat to be swallowed, it’ll probably be swallowed.

For good measure, just keep this rule in mind all the time. Whether it’s a yarn, thread, needle, or dental floss, anything small enough will be swallowed by your feline friend. Store items like these in a drawer or a container.

Don’t even think of poisonous plants.

Name one plant your cat hasn’t chewed on, and we’re sure you’d have a hard time thinking of any. Keep poisonous plants out of your home altogether. In fact, even non-poisonous plants aren’t good for your pet, as they can cause diarrhea. Double-check if your plant is one of those, just to be sure.

Keep your cat out of the fire.

It sure is nice to curl up with your cat in front of the fireplace, isn’t it? Well, make sure you don’t leave your kitty out of your sight. You don’t want to get your cat to get singed—and this is a real possibility, considering how attracted cats can be to flame.

It doesn’t matter what the breed of your cat is, there’s always a way you can protect your beloved feline friend from the dangers of your home.