Dog Health Problem - What Causes Them and How Can You Prevent Them

Dogs are among the most favorite pets that we have kept in our homes. Their jovial and playful mood will change the atmosphere in our homes, and we cannot get enough of them. But just like other domestic animals and pets, they are prone to all manners of health problems. Dogs depend on us for their health being and it is important to be very attentive to them. If you find that your dog have some odd behaviors, then it is advisable to visit your nearest vet to check on it. Here are some of the main dog health problems.

1. Ear infections
This is a common health problem that affects all canine. Ear infection is an irritating condition that is mostly caused by allergies, ear termites, yeast, and growth of hair in the deep ear canal or Bacteria. But how can you tell that your dog is suffering from this condition? Just observing these symptoms;- Head shaking or head tilting- Vigorous scratching- Ear odor- Losing of balance- Swelling of the outer portion of the year- Yellow, Brown or bloody discharge
Prevention - Make sure that your dog is regularly cleaned to avoid the accumulation of the bacteria. Also ensure that its kennel is regularly cleaned. It is also crucial to subject the dog to regularly checks by a veterinarian.

2. Dogs and Worms
Worms are parasites that reside inside the dog’s body and also all the other living animals. If worms are not well controlled, they can deteriorate the health of the dog greatly. There are many types of the worms including the tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whip worms. Some like the hookworms can be fatal especially in puppies. Look out for the following symptoms- Diarrhea- sometimes bloody- A change in appetite- Scooting on his bottom- Poor appearance
Prevention - make sure that you have de-wormed your pet after every three months. Also make sure that your dog’s feeding area and plates are always clean and have the pet regularly checked by a doctor.

3. Vomiting and Diarrhea
This is a health problem that is mostly caused by infections such as the parvo virus. It may also be triggered by eating foods that are not appropriate or swallowing objects. Most of these cases do not alert for urgent attention but if it is from an infection immediate vet attention is crucial. Here are main symptoms of this condition.- Abdominal heaving- Drooling- Liquid
Prevention- Ensure that your dog is not exposed to any inappropriate food and other small objects like the toys. Also keep the feeding place and plates clean. It is also advisable to have your dog regularly checked by a registered veterinarian.

4. Kennel Cough
It is a very dangerous and highly contagious dog health problem. It is a form of bronchitis well known to cause inflammation in the dog’s windpipe and voice box. The condition is commonly contracted from infected dogs.
Prevention - Do not allow your dog to mix with strange dogs in the neighborhood since they might be infected. Leave your dog with a reputable day care or groomers to limit the chances of attracting a disease.

5. Dental Disease
This is a common condition in canines especially those of the age below 2 years. It is very common in puppies and it can cause death if not properly controlled. Periodontal diseases and gum infections are the common dental diseases in this case. Symptoms that are associated with dental diseases are smelly breath and difficulty in eating.
Prevention- Check your dog’s dental regularly and mostly the puppies. It is very important to clean their teeth worth special gel that will eliminate the bacteria causing infections. Have the veterinarian check on them regularly.

6. Dog Cancer
The most common cancer in the dogs is a skin cancer. If you noticed that your dog had some white patches on the ear tips or top of the nose, then these are the signs of skin cancer. Other symptoms include swelling, lumps, rapid weight loss and lameness.
Prevention - make sure that your dog is regularly cleaned with proper detergents that have the capacity to kill bacteria and fleas. Also, regular vet visits will help in detecting the condition at an early stage.

Those are some of the main dog health problems, their symptoms and also possible prevention measures. Dogs are our best friends, and they require the best medical attention from us.