Eliminate These 5 Pet Dangers and Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday!

Stress-Free Holiday season

As you read this, your holiday preparations are probably in full swing already. From buying last-minute gifts to putting together your recipe for Christmas dinner, we understand how exciting--and slightly stressful--the days leading to Christmas can be. Before you get busy with the holidays, you don't want to forget a precious family member who's brought nothing but joy and excitement into your family: your pet.

A lot of people don't realize that the holidays present a lot of dangers to their pets. We at Rosy and Rocky want your holidays to be as fun as it can be, so we took it upon ourselves to complete this list of holiday dangers for your pets--and how you can overcome them to enjoy a stress-free holiday season!

1. The Danger of an Unhealthy Diet
Your children might be excited to taste your new culinary masterpiece cooked to perfection, but you better leave your pet out of it. You should keep your pet's diet routine, and the last thing you should do is to feed them different kinds of food that they haven't tried before. Even if everything you've prepared is pet-safe, you still run the risk of upsetting your stomach's tummy if you change their diet too much.

There are also certain kinds of food that you should stay away from, and chocolates, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, and generous amounts of garlic or onion are at the top of the list.

2. The Danger of Holiday Stress
Your pets may love having a few visitors every now and then, but too many of them at once can prove to be stressful for them. Pets generally live and get used to their everyday routine, and changing it up too much may stress them and cause them to react out of their usual character. The same goes for visiting pets, even if your pet has met them in the past. All that stress isn't good for pets, and you might not even realize that you're hurting them out of your good intentions. You'd recognize if your pet's getting stressed if they have a tense body or yawn more than usual.

The solution isn't to stop inviting friends and visiting pets over for the holidays altogether. Rather, you can make sure that your pet has a safe place, a familiar spot where they can retreat to and where they can isolate themselves from all your visitors.

3. The Danger of Hazardous Holiday Objects
We're sure you know how curious your pet can get. And their first instinct when they get curious about something? They bite it! While it looks adorable whenever they bite on your pillows and leave paw marks all over your kitchen, it won't look as cute when they ingest something that's harmful to them.

Candles, tinsels, presents that might contain chocolates (they may be wrapped tightly, but your pet can sure smell them)--steer them clear of your beloved pet!

4. The Danger of the Christmas Tree and Christmas Gifts
Your Christmas tree might look harmless enough, but it can pose a potential threat for your beloved pet. We're talking about the water from your natural tree, which often breeds bacteria that can result in vomiting and diarrhea.

And since we're talking about the different hazards of the Christmas tree, we might as well talk about the gifts your pet might receive. There are many holiday pet gifts you're probably considering for your pet but are you sure that they are pet safety products? Aside from buying products safe for pets, the pet gifts must be helpful for your pets in the long run.  We're talking about products that will bring you and your pet closer, like a whistle for dogs or pet treats that are great for your fur baby.

5. The Danger of Holiday Laziness
As you busy yourself with all the holiday preparations, you might forget your own pet's health and wellness! Don't forget to designate someone in your family to keep your pet's physical health in check, and make sure they get the exercise that they need. Take your pet for a walk, train your pet according to schedule, and conquer holiday laziness before it even sets in!

The holidays present the perfect opportunity for you and your family, including your pet, to spend time together. Don't let these dangers spoil all the fun, and address them ASAP!