Tips On How To Trim Dog Nails

How To Trim Dog Nails
If you are looking for tips on how to trim dog nails, the information in this article will be very helpful to you. Trimming the nails may not improve the appearance of your dog, but it will surely help to eliminate painful injuries and ensure better foot health. It is also good for the safety of your furniture since most dogs that have untrimmed nails tend to scratch against the furniture, and they may damage them beyond repair.
One of the things you will need to do if you want to trim you dog’s nails is to look for a pair of clippers that are suitable for its size. Buying the wrong size of clippers may end up causing a lot of stress or pain to the dog, and you definitely do not want to happen to your pet. It is therefore important to do adequate research to determine the right size of clippers for your dog.
It is also important to make sure that the dog is relaxed and comfortable before you start trimming his nails. If this is the first time to cut his nails, you can sit with him a few minutes per day and tap the clippers gently or use a soft questioning tone to show him that there is no threat. If he is feeling nervous when you start trimming the nails, you can slightly distract his attention by talking to him softly or rubbing his ears. You should not be nervous also, because he will sense it, and this will make him uncomfortable.
When trimming the nails, be sure to deal with one paw at a time. Move on to the next only after you have completely finished dealing with one. If you rush through the process, the dog might get irritated, and this will make them nervous or uncomfortable. It is always a good idea to include his favorite treat during the session as well as at the end if you do not want him to be distracted. 

Another important tip on how to trim dog nails is that when cutting the nails, you need to be careful not to cut too close to the red line that is underneath the nails exterior. This may hurt the dog or cause bleeding. It is very important to be prepared in advance in case of an injury. You should make sure that you have an antiseptic or styptic powder readily available to stop the bleeding just in case you accidentally cut too close.

But you should try so hard to prevent that from happening since it might cause a lot of pain to your pet
If the dog is afraid of the process, it may jerk incessantly or strongly. You will need to know how to fix that and continue with the trimming. The best thing to do in this case will be to do things that will make him feel comfortable and relaxed, for instance talking to him in a soft voice or caressing him gently. This will help the dog to associate the experience with pleasure rather than discomfort.