Turn Your Smartphone Into a Pet Pal with These 5 Best Apps for Pet Owners

Taking care of your pets…it’s never easy, but it’s always fun and rewarding. If you’ve been looking for someone—or something—to help you make it a little bit easier, you shouldn’t look any further than your smartphone. A quick stop to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store will help you find out some of the best apps for pet owners.
Here’s five of our favorites, not only because they make our lives easier as pet owners, but also because they bring us even closer to our furry buddies!

For Pet Emergencies: PetMD

While it’s always best to visit your nearest vet for signs of trouble, PetMD is a great app when you need a home remedy for your coughing pet or a quick fix for your fur buddy’s burn. It helps that the descriptions are brief enough to let you know neither too much nor too little information at the time you need it most. It will help you give the right emergency treatment if you can’t get to a clinic in time.

For Various Pet Services: PetMD Pet Services Finder

While PetMD specializes in providing home and emergency treatments to pets depending on the symptom, Pet Services Finder helps you find a variety of services near your area, including daycare centers, dog parks, dog sitters, dog walkers, emergency clinics, groomers, and veterinarians. You’ll realize how handy it is when you’re desperate to find a dog walker while you’re away for the weekend, or need to go to the nearest emergency clinic.

For House Training: Puppy House Training

House training your puppy should begin from day one. However, there aren’t a lot of helpful guides out there that will let you know how to housetrain a puppy. This is where Puppy House Training comes in. It will help you teach your puppy the basics first, from learning how to poop or pee following a schedule to more complex techniques of house training a dog.

For Controlling your Dog’s Bark: Dog Whistler

Available for both Android and Apple devices, Whistling is a great silent dog whistle app that will help you create your own whistle frequency or choose one that works best for your dogs. Whistle training a dog is never easy, and this app is a great alternative when you didn’t bring an actual dog whistle with you.

For Your Pet’s Treats: iKibble

When it comes to feeding your pet treats, it’s always best to be safe. iKibble has a collection of over a hundred food types, from vegetables and fruits to meat and grain—and will let you know what’s safe for your pets. You even get pretty important tips, like feeding your dog pineapple tidbits to stop him from eating his own poop.

Who said you’re on your own when taking care of your pet? Pet care may be challenging, but these 5 apps will sure make the challenge a lot more fun!Whether you're dealing with an urgent pet emergency or just want to make sure you're feeding your baby right, these apps will bring you and your pet even closer!