The 10 Best Holiday Gifts to Make Your Pet Bark or Purr with Joy

What do you give to your pet who has given you so much joy and has helped you get through the worst days of your years (including the really bad days when you’re just too unmotivated to get out of bed)? The holidays are a perfect time to show your appreciation for your ever-reliable companion.

If you’re in some sort of creative drought over what to give to your pet, allow us to make your job easier, here are some awesome pet supplies gifts for the holiday season that we’re sure your pet will love. Our criteria—gifts that are practical, affordable, and will bring you and your pet closer than ever.

1.    A nifty GPS collar device
How many times have you panicked whenever your dog strays a little too far? Worried that your car went out of the house again? Time to get a GPS collar device to keep track of your pet and send text messages to you relaying your pet’s whereabouts.

2.    Winter Jackets to keep the cold away
If you can’t go out of the house in this weather without putting layers of clothing, imagine how it must feel for your pet whose four legs are treading the ground! This is a must-have for pets whenever you take them out of the house this holidays. Make sure you get one that can withstand the harshest of cold weathers.

3.    An I.D. tag that’s up-to-date
Is the text on your pooch’s I.D. tag starting to fade? Did you just move across the country with your feline friend? Don’t lose time updating your pet’s I.D. tag.

4.    Ropes for your pet to play with
There’s something about ropes and pets... I’m sure you’ve noticed that no matter how long, colorful, or small they are, your pet simply loves it. So why don’t you give in to your pet’s desires and buy one of those ropes specifically made for them. They come in all sorts of sizes and colors, some with balls and toys to make them even more fun to play with.

5.    Start training your dog
If you’ve always planned on training your dog, but never got around to doing it, the holidays are the perfect time to start! Don’t know where to start? First, get a dog training collar for your dog. Second, visit the Internet—there’s no shortage of how to use dog training collars with a remote.

6.    Coconut oil for your pet’s diet
The benefits of using coconut oil as a human supplement is well-documented—but did you know that they’re also great for pets? Not only will it give your pet a healthy coat, it will also promote their digestive health, keep them fit, and fight off bacteria. Just make sure you’re buying one that is organic and cold-pressed!

7.    Plush toys for your pet to cuddle with
Dogs and cats love plush toys as much as you do! For those days when you couldn’t stop and cuddle with your pet, don’t you agree that a plush toy would be a reasonable substitute?

8.    A cozy bed for your pet
Make those naps for your dog or cat extra comfy by getting a new bed! Plus points if you can get a heated bed that will give that much-needed warmth your pet loves so much.

9.    New car seats to bring your pet along for the ride
If the only thing stopping you from bringing your pet along in your car is that you don’t have a car seat for your pooch passenger, then maybe it’s about time you buy one? Trust mem it’s a good investment that will last for years.

10. An extra long retractable dog leash
Because your dog’s leash is proving to be inadequate for your extra-energetic dog, why not get the longest retractable dog leash you can get your hands on? You’d be doing both you and your pet a favor. You don’t have to chase your dog around like you’re running the marathon, and your dog doesn’t have to be so restricted!

So there you go: ten gifts that are as awesome as they are practical. We're sure your dog will bark and your cat will purr with absolute joy when they open your gift! Which one of these amazing gift ideas will you give to your pet?