The Five Amazing Things Your Dogs do When You Leave Them Alone

Dogs are known to live for the moment. Unlike humans who can fall into the mistake of emotional lashing whenever someone leaves the house, dogs see leaving as something like a habit and nothing more. You leave, they wait.

However, in this process of waiting, dogs do a lot of things that can either be astoundingly delightful, or just downright unpleasant.

Here are the things that your dogs might do when they’re home alone, and how to deal with them properly.

They take a nap 

This is definitely good news for pet parents who leave their dogs alone. It means that you don’t have to worry about chewed couch, torn slippers, thrown up garbage, and strewn laundry all over the floor. It also means that your dog can handle separation pretty much well. But it does not mean that you have to leave him home alone most of the time, as he needs the attention of his pet parent whenever they are available to give it.

Sleeping a lot can also make your dog super energetic when you come home. That explains the extremely enthusiastic, tail-wagging welcome he gives you whenever you come home from work. Do not forget to give your buddy some tasteful treats for an accident and trouble-free waiting.

They redecorate your living room

Pillows on the floor, scratched up carpet, claw-marked walls, your dog seems to be redecorating your living room whenever you’re out. Of course, this is not good especially when you are constantly out for work and no one is in the house to look after your buddy. These unwanted re decorations are highly preventable. You can use spacious and convenient kennels to accommodate your dog whenever you’re not home. Kennels of different shapes, sizes and materials are available in the market, and you can choose to either build one inside your home or outside in the yard to provide your buddy the fresh air he needs.

They attempt to cook 

But no matter how the try, they are more skillful in scattering cooking ingredients from your kitchen countertop and groceries from your fridge. But remember, your dog is not trying to get back at you. He is simply just trying to meet his needs by getting around your house to look for activities that can serve as his play outlet.

You can prevent this from happening by ensuring that you give him the play outlet that he needs regularly. A simple walk in the park or a fun fetching game is all that your dog needs to prevent him from being bored and doing things that are rather unlikable.

They try to change your toilet paper roll

When supervised by their pet parents, dogs tend to behave appropriately and follow whatever their human wants them to do. This is because dogs feel more secure and calm whenever their pet parent is around. Dogs look up to their pet parents as bearers of consistent rules and boundaries that need to be obeyed and trusted at all times. However, it could be a different story for other dogs when their master is not around.

Chewing things that are not supposed to be chewed, such as toilet paper rolls, is a sign of boredom. Try giving him interactive toys to help your dog fight against boredom whenever you’re out 

They dig, a lot 

There are many reasons why dogs dig a lot in the backyard. Some dogs dig to look for something to play on. Depending on the weather, dogs may also dig to create a cooler or warmer place to lie down. However, digging can also be a sign of distress among dogs who can’t manage well the loneliness and separation from their guardians. Distressed dogs oftentimes dig to try to escape.

If you think your dog tries to escape or has destructive tendencies every time he is left alone, it is best to consult with a dog specialist to know if your buddy is suffering from separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety oftentimes show signs of distress such as howling, barking, urinating in improper places, chewing, digging, or trying to escape.

Dogs can do a lot of things whenever they are unsupervised and left alone. But with your proper guidance, unrelenting attention, and pure unconditional love, you’ll be sure that your buddy will not be ignoring or disobeying much of the rules and boundaries you have set for him, even when they’re home alone.