These Three Dogs Are Not just Man’s Best Friends, They Are Life Savers!

Dogs are well-known to be man’s best buddy. They are admired around the world for being chummy, sympathetic, and devoted to their owners and families. In some peculiar instances, however, dogs do more than being their owner’s best friend by saving their lives and helping them in profound ways. Here are the heroic stories of ordinary dogs doing the extraordinary to help humans.

Belle, the 911 caller 

On one fateful day, this 17-pound beagle became not just her man’s best friend, but also her lifesaver. Kevin Weaver from Orlando, Florida suffered from seizure and collapsed after his blood sugar plummeted dangerously. Belle immediately bit Weaver’s mobile phone to call 911.

Weaver said that if it had not been because of Belle’s call, he would have been dead. Belle also serves as Weaver’s blood-sugar forecaster. By licking Weaver’s nose, Belle can sense if something is wrong with her owner’s blood sugar. In an interview, Weaver stated he always grabs his test meter whenever Belle paws and whines at him. “She’s never been wrong,” he exclaimed.

Belle’s heroic act made her the first dog recipient of VITA Wireless Samaritan Award, which recognized people (and canines, too) who have used wireless technology during emergencies.

Blue, the gator biter 

Humans would have to think twice first before getting a fight with an alligator, but not the Australian Blue Heeler named Blue, who saved his owner from being devoured by an alligator in Fort Myers, Florida.

85-year-old Ruth Gay was walking Blue in her yard when she fell on the wet grass and could not move. It was 9 p.m. and no one was with Ruth except Blue. Lying on her back amid darkness, Ruth attempted to call for help when suddenly Blue got fidgety and started barking. Ruth had no idea that an alligator was plodding towards her. Fortunately, Blue got in the way and attempted to fend off the reptile. 

Blue sustained several puncture and bite wounds. A vet also had to staple a wound in his stomach. Despite all the injuries, Blue seemed very happy in saving Ruth’s life
Because of his bravery, Blue won the 2001 “Dog Hero of the Year.”

Shana, the escape guide 

Amid a snowstorm in New York in 2006, half-German shepherd, half wolf dog Shana made something extraordinary – she rescued her owners by carving a tunnel about 200 feet long from the outdoors leading to their home.

At that eventful day of October 12, 2006, Norman and Eve Fertig were outside in a forest sanctuary at their property in Alden when a snowstorm hit the upstate.  Massive trees fell and blocked the couple’s way home. Just as the couple was about to lose hope in the frigid air, their dog, Shana, appeared and started digging through the snow, underneath the blockages, using only her claws and teeth. After digging a path of snow leading back home, Shana went back, and piggybacked Eve and dragged Norman to safety. 

Electricity was out due to the storm, and Shana saw this as another opportunity to offer help. Upon reaching home, the 160-pound dog served as the couple’s live heater throughout the night. In an interview with the Fertigs by Fox News, Eve was very thankful that Shana kept them alive.

Because of Shana’s astonishing heroism and bravery, she received the Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment’s Hero’s Award, an award commonly given to humans.

Just like Belle, Blue, and Shana, your dog can be your everyday hero, too. Just remember, dogs are pretty much like humans. Treat them in cold blood and you will breed violent fighters, treat them with empathy and you will breed compassionate heroes – heroes that can transform people’s lives with their unmatched love and devotion.