Tips To Consider When It Comes To Adopting A Dog From A Rescue Shelter

It's estimated that approximately 3-4 million dogs get euthanized in adoption shelters on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, many shelters do not have the resources to maintain the large number of animals that they rescue on a monthly basis. As such, in order for them to ensure that they have a sufficient amount of resources to maintain their establishment, they have to euthanize a portion of the population of their rescued dogs. If you're on the market for a new pet, as opposed to spending money at a pet store, you can literally save and change the life of a dog that's in need of a family, by adopting a dog from a rescue shelter. Here are some things to consider when it comes to adopting a dog.

Take Your Family Members Feelings About A Dog Into Consideration
One of the most important things you need to consider is your family members' feelings towards having a new canine member of the family. The process of taking care of an adopted dog, can prove to be difficult without the cooperation of your family members.

How Well Can You Incorporate Your Dog's Needs Into Your Schedule
Some of the other things you need to ask yourself is:
* How many hours do you work per week?
* How punctual would you consider yourself?
* Do you spend a large amount of time on business trips or traveling ?

When it comes to fulfilling the needs of your dog, there needs to be a certain degree of balance. You need to allocate a portion of your time throughout your schedule, each day for your new dog. For example, most dogs will feel miserable if it's stuck in the house all the time. Therefore you need to ensure that you take it on an occasional walk, a few times out of the week.

With Your Current Budget, Can You Fulfill The Financial Needs Of An Adopted Dog ?
While the costs that are associated with adopting a dog from a rescue shelter, may be relatively low, you need to ensure that you have a certain degree of financial stability and that you can fulfill the financial needs of your new dog. Besides paying the adoption fee, which can be anywhere from $60-$120 on average, you need to consider the costs associated with:
* Food
* Insurance - this is to ensure that you avoid the possibility of receiving a large veterinarian hospital bill, in the event that your dog becomes suddenly ill.
* Treats
* Toys
* Grooming supplies - such as: shampoos, nail clippers, combs and dental treats that keep the dog's oral hygiene in top shape.

Is Your Neighborhood Dog Friendly ?
Questions you should be asking yourself to determine how dog friendly your neighborhood are:
* How close is your home to the vet and do they offer 24 hour emergency ?
* Do you have a strong relationship with your neighbor ? If they see that your pet is wandering off, will they help to bring it back to your home ?
* Are there parks or hiking trails within close proximity of your home ?
* How do the other dogs within your neighborhood behave ?

Are You Mentally Ready For A Dog
Last but not least, the last thing you need to consider is if you're mentally ready for a dog. Your dog's attitude will reflect your leadership. The same frame of mind that your portray unto your dog will be the foundation that will frame their behavior. If you are experiencing a large amount of stress within your life, ultimately your dog will feel it too. If you have bouts of physically displaying your anger, your dog will be combative with its own counterparts. Alternatively you you have mental clarity and a sense of tranquility within your life, it will help to ensure that your dog is disciplined and friendly towards other dogs and people.