The Best Dog Breeds to Fit Your Lifestyle

Dog Breeds to Fit Your Lifestyle
If you're reading this, then you've probably made one of the best decisions of your life: you're finally getting a paw some baby! Deciding to get a dog is an amazing, selfless commitment in itself...that just means you're willing to spend your time, money, and energy into making your fur baby happy. Now, let's move on to the biggest question we're sure you're asking: what dog breed should you get?

With over 150 dog breeds, different shapes, and several styles, you've got one heck of a decision ahead of you. Let us help you make trim down your choices. By answering these questions, you will surely find a dog that fits your lifestyle.

What will you need your new dog for?

We already know you want a dog as a best friend, but what other purposes will having a dog serve you? Some owners are looking for a companion for their hunting adventures. Others want a guard dog to protect their home from outside threats. There are also parents who just want a playmate and 'sibling' for their children.

If you want a dog that will move around all day and hunt for birds, you might want to get an English Pointer or an English Pringer Spaniel. If the dog will guard your home by barking at intruders, a Bichon Frise or a Poodle would surely be nice. Dogs like Doberman Pincher and Rottweiler look formidable and are physically capable of tackling down opponents.

Do you live a busy lifestyle?

You love dogs, but you're not sure if there's a breed that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Don't worry: there's a dog that will get along with you just great, because they're independent and don't mind being alone. Chinese shar-pies, Alaskan malamutes, and Russian wolfhounds (borzoi) would be able to live a happy life even when you're busy all the time.

What size are you considering?

Size does matter, because larger breeds generally means that you will spend more in terms of your dog's appetite, crate, toys, and medicine. They also have shorter lifespans than smaller dogs. Still, some people prefer bigger dogs than smaller dogs for various reasons. Big dogs like Rottweilers can weigh as heavy as 100 pounds, while Yorkshire terriers can be as light as 15 pounds.

Do you have space for your dog?

You also need to make sure there's enough space for your paw-some baby. Of course that won't be a problem if you have acres and acres of land. But a 180-pound Great Dane will definitely be a problem if you live in a two-bedroom apartment unit. Also keep in mind that most pet owners--90% of them in fact--tend to keep their dogs as house dogs. You'll most likely fall under the vast majority who will have their dog stay at home most of the time. That means you should carefully assess if you have enough space to accommodate your dog.

Do you want dogs that will get along with your kids?

Don't you just love how some dogs just seem to go along great with kids? Unfortunately, not all dogs are like that. Some dog types are known for how much they love and care for children. Dachshunds are great for older kids that are well-behaved, while beagles and boxers can keep up with little kids who love playing all the time. But if you get a Saint Bernard or a Labrador Retriever, you can't go wrong. They simply love bonding with kids of all ages!

Do you want an active or a passive dog?

Dog size is important not only when considering the space your dog will move around in. It will also determine the activity level of your dog. For instance, large dogs like the Saint Bernard sleep for as long as 16 to 18 hours a day, while the Yorkshire Terrier will never fail to surprise you with how much energy they have.

Are you willing to groom your dog?

Some pet owners consider grooming as the most fun part of having a dog, while others just don't care for it. Figure out what kind of pet owner you are, as it is an important aspect of how to choose the right type of dog. For instance, long-haired dog breeds usually have their coats easily matted and will require constant frequent brushing and baths. This applies to the Shih Tzu.

Do you like the outdoors?

If you want a travel companion, or a dog that loves to get out as much as you do, there are certain breeds that will certainly be able to keep up. A Labrador retriever, Doberman pincher, Weimaraners, or Dalmatian would certainly be up for long walks and vigorous exercises.

As you can see, choosing the right dog doesn't have to be difficult. Whatever your lifestyle may be, there's a dog breed that will fill all your days with love and happiness!!