What you Need to Know about Controlling Dog Fleas The Natural Way

Controlling Dog Fleas The Natural WayHaving pesky fleas around is an extremely irritable experience for you as a dog parent. Not only they do harm to your four-legged buddy, they can also live and propagate in difficult-to-reach areas of the house, such as the basement, the base of the kitchen countertop, under the stairs, they can even be embedded on the folds of quilt in an unused guest bed. But no matter how bothersome fleas are, a lot of pet parents out there don’t want to treat their dogs and their house with synthetic materials than can possibly be toxic especially at high amounts. 

For pet parents who desperately want to get rid of all these wretched fleas but are not that desperate enough to hurt their pet and themselves should learn to deal with flea problem the natural and old-school way.

First things first: Clean your house

Although very basic, thoroughly and regularly cleaning flea-infested areas of your home is sometimes worth mentioning, especially for those who find cleaning their houses as something that is very punishing, gruelling, and demanding. And this is not just vacuuming the open spaces of the floor. As you may have already noticed, fleas infest areas that are damp, dark, and unreachable. These areas are sometimes the favorite spots of your buddy, too. Think of those places where a flea might settle in, or areas where your four-legged friend always wants to take a nap on. By doing so, you’ll have an idea of what areas to clean.

At the onset of flea infestation, all pet beddings should be put in the wash. Also, because fleas are known to thrive in humid environment, a dehumidifier may help get rid of the pests. Doing this regularly and carefully may help you get rid of the flea population as you also try to treat your dog with natural regimens.

Treat you dog with any of these natural regimens

Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar has proven to be among the most effective way to drive fleas away. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed to a quart of drinking water would make a perfect anti-flea power drink for an average-sized dog. A cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with a quart of water can also make a good anti-flea spray, perfect for your buddy’s coat and areas of your home as well 

Lavender oil – Using an eye dropper, you can mix five drops of lavender to three tablespoon of water to create an anti-flea collar or neckerchief. You can use other natural oils, such as citronella, eucalyptus, and tea tree

Lemons – Lemons are also a great way in getting rid of dog fleas. Slice thinly one piece of lemon and put it in boiling water. Allow the water to cool down for several hours. If you feel that the water is warm enough not to harm your pet, soak a comb or a sponge in the mixture and gently dampen his coat. Lemons can make a perfect ingredient for your pet’s weekly bath as well. Mix together ½ cup lemon juice and ¼ cup of your dog’s favorite shampoo to two parts water. Use this as a weekly bathing solution for your dog.

Treat your home with any of these natural fragrances

  • Citrus spray – Boil thin slices of lemon in a pint of water. Let it cool down before pouring into a spray bottle. It’s refreshing scent can be used around the house to repel fleas, although you must be extra cautious for possible staining
  • Plant pennyroyal – Pennyroyal is a fragrant plant perfect for repelling fleas while ornamenting the interior of your house

You have to remember that battling against fleas is an issue that every dog parent should need to know how to deal with. And there is no safer, better, more economical, and more eco-friendly way of getting rid of fleas other than the natural. By managing fleas in your home the natural way, you get to deter those pesky pests without increasing the risk of you and your pet of toxicity from the chemicals and contaminants present in synthetic pesticides and anti-flea solutions.