Here are The Top Most Popular Dog Kennels That Can Keep your Four-Legged Buddy Safe and Protected

As a pet parent, the safety of our buddies while we are away is one of our topmost priorities. Getting them out of our sight for just a few moments without any protection would make them vulnerable to many untoward incidents. Without proper shelter, they can try to escape, attack or be attacked by humans or other pets, and do some nasty things, such as chew on your favorite pair of shoes or unroll your toilet tissue rolls.These and more could have been prevented only if you have secured a safe and comfortable place for him to stay while you’re away.

Dog kennels and crates are a great way to keep your four-legged buddy safe and protected even when unsupervised.Kennels, sometimes called crates, are dog cages or confinements that can have a variety of sizes and materials. Although some may think that caging your buddy is unkind, nothing would be crueller if you would allow your best buddy to be exposed to a myriad of different hazards inside and outside your home while you are away. Of course, using a kennel for your dog does not mean you would not take him out for his regular walk and exercise. Remember, although kennels are designed to provide dogs a space where they can move conveniently, the space would not be enough for his needed play and exercise.

Dog Crate
To know what kennel would perfectly match your dog’s needs, we have compiled some of the most popular dog kennel types for you to choose from:

Wire kennels
Wire kennels are metal confinements that have walls made up of wires. Most wire kennels also have metal roofs on top and a metal tray at the bottom, where you can put a dog bed to keep your buddy comfortable. Wire kennels are a perfect choice for owners who want 100% visibility of their pet. Some kennels can also fold flat, making it much easier for storage and transport. Sizes may range from as small as 30 by 19 by 22 inches to 72 by 60 by 120 inches, and may weigh as light as 19 lbs or as heavy as 100 lbs or more.

Plastic kennels and crates
Known for being lightweight and portable, plastic kennels are a perfect choice for any pet parent and dog who want to travel together. Large types of plastic kennels are sometimes equipped with wheels, making it more mobile and easier for you to transport your pet. Plastic kennels are also relatively cheaper than any other kennel types and are also durable, making it very cost-efficient. Because almost all types of plastic kennels may detach in pieces, it is also easier to clean and to store.

Exercise kennels or pens
Exercise pens are spacious dog kennels that provide your dog – or dogs enough room to freely play around. Usually hexagonal in shape and equipped with no roof, exercise pens are never advisable to be used without a pet parent’s supervision. However, exercise pens with higher fences and removable top cover might be appropriate for use even when you’re away.

Dog houses
Dog houses provide your four-legged buddy the freshness of outdoors while providing him the safety and protection he needs from extreme weather and attacks from other animals, while keeping him from attacking other pets and humans. Dog houses are also known to be aesthetically appealing. From cottage-style dog houses to dog barns and inns, dog houses offer you a wide range of style depending on your and your dog’s taste. All you need is a spot in your yard perfectly shaded from the sun to set up your dog’s cabin.

Warning about leashes
Leashes are very important in keeping your dog within your reach during your regular walk in the park. It would also prevent your buddy from attacking other pets and humans while outside. However, it is never advisable to leave your dog in the house unattended with a leash, as he might be strangled, possibly causing death. As such, kennels are always far better than leashes for unsupervised use.

Shelter is necessary for everyone, including your dog. As such, securing a better place for your pet at your home is an essential part of being a good pet parent, and a good dog kennel might just be what you need in letting your four-legged friend feel that you care for their safety and protection, even when not at home.