Everything You Need to Know About Your Cat Condo

Every pet parent only wants the best for their baby. And if you happen to have the most adorable kitty around, we’re sure you want to build the best place for your cat to stay in. You may not be wealthy enough to buy a cat palace, but you can certainly consider getting a cat condo. And if you can’t, you might want to know how to build one yourself!

 We have a couple of cat condo ideas that you and your feline friends will surely love.

Tree Branch theme – For cats that love to climb up and down, why don’t you look for a tree in your backyard and turn it into a climbing haven for your cat? This won’t only look cute, but will also help keep your cat physically active.

Cat CondoRe-purposed drawer – We’re sure you have a random drawer in your house that serves no other purpose than to just lie around the house. Why don’t you re-purpose it and turn it into a totally awesome cat condo?

Box tower – Many DIY lovers know how to turn used boxes, and transform it into a beautiful kitty condo that you won’t even recognize. All you need is a dash of creativity, time, and an insatiable passion to make your cat happy.

Cylinder type – Many cats prefer having a cylinder-type cat condo and for good reason. They’re highly flexible and prefer a place with a high ceiling to stay in.

Outdoor cat condo – If you don’t have enough space inside your home, you might want to consider an outdoor cat house. There are a lot of attractive and homey cat houses that you’ll surely love for your cat. Take your pick!

Essentials for your cat condo

But having the basic structure for your cat condo isn’t enough just yet. You must make sure that it has all the necessaries to make it really comfortable to stay in for your cat.

Here are some of the cat furniture your cat condo can’t afford to miss.

Cat scratching post – Okay, maybe this one will take a little too much space, which is why you should consider this only when your cat’s house is wide enough. We’re sure you’ve seen just how badly your cat loves scratching posts. This one will surely be your cat’s favorite in the kitty condo!

Cat litterbox – While we’re sure your cat has been litter-trained, it’s always nice to have a cat litterbox in or around the cat condo so your cat won’t have difficulty going in and out of the house.

Cat beds – To complete the perfect condo for your cat, the cat bed must be equally nice and comfortable. You’d be surprised at the variety of options you have for a cat bed.

Cat steps – This is only necessary for kitty condos that are a bit difficult to climb up to. It would really help to have cat steps installed.

Cat toys and accessories – You don’t want your cat toys and accessories to be scattered all over the house, so you might want to place your cat toys and accessories in the cat condo as well.

Build a Cat Condo Yourself

If you have enough time, you can venture into a cat condo project of your own. Here are a few steps for you to start:

1. Find a large working area. Make sure you lay down newspaper on the floor, so you can be sure that the floor won’t get scratched.

2. Gather your sturdy boxes. Even shoe boxes would do, as long as they’re big and strong enough to hold your cat in.

3. Fix the boxes. This isn’t hard at all: all you have to do is have a big enough opening for your cat to go to and from the box.

4. Make windows. With dimensions of around 5 by 5 inches, the windows should be wide enough, but not too wide that your cat will lose all sense of privacy.

5. Connect the boxes together. Here’s the fun part: the boxes should be connected together so that it’s big enough for your cat to live comfortably in. Feel free to decorate the exterior and make it look as inviting as it can be!