Here’s the Best Way to Find Your Lost Dog

Tips On How to Find a Lost Dog
Oh dear.. have you lost your dog, or have you read a lot of missing pet pages is the thought of losing your furry friend simply unbearable? We know exactly how you feel! One of the questions we get asked quite often is how to find a lost dog fast. We’ve had our own scare of losing our own dog, too (small dog breeds especially get lost out of sight pretty quickly!). We know how tough it can feel like, so we’ve prepared this little guide that will help in finding a lost dog… Consider it our way of giving back and helping dog owners find their loved ones back!

What to do when you notice your dog is missing

We’re sure you’ve watched crime dramas, and know fully well that the first 24 hours is the most important timeframe to find a missing person. Let’s just the say that the same principle applies to dogs. Within this period, you ought to look for your dog, and find out whether your pet has simply gone on an adventure within the immediate vicinity.

1. Have someone man the phone. Chances are that you placed your contact details on your dog’s collar. You might want to have your family stay on the phone, either your mobile or landline, in case someone calls to alert you about your missing dog.

There should also be another person who can make a round of calls to alert certain people—pet shelters, local veterinarians, or the police department. The police department might have a dedicated local number for pet concerns, too. Just be sure that you use a phone that’s different from the phone number on your dog’s collar.

2. Print your dog’s photo. It’s time to look for a photo of your dog’s photo—we’re sure you can find one somewhere—and show it to possible witnesses. This is a lot easier than describing your dog to people that pass by. If you don’t have one, you can print a photo of a dog that resembles your dog the most.

3. Round up your friends. At this point you may also want to rally the troops—ask concerned friends, preferably dog lover, to join you as you look for your furry friend. You’d be surprised that a lot of people are willing to help.

4. Bring your dog’s favorite squeaky toy or dog whistle. If you’ve done some dog training with your pet, they’d respond to their favorite squeaky toy or a sound from your dog whistle.
Once 24 hours has passed, you will determine for sure that your dog is lost for sure and is not simply hiding under the bed.  That’s when you launch the next phase of finding your missing dog.

How to find a lost dog after 24 hours

You’ve looked all over the neighborhood, and followed the last four pieces of advice we gave, but your dog didn’t turn up… what’s next? First of all, you should know that hope is not entirely lost. In fact, there’s quite a good chance that your dog will come back, because of their excellent instinct of finding their way back home.

Here are a couple of effective ways to find your missing dog.

1. Advertise. Find a recent photo of your dog and make a poster out of it. It would help to put as many details about your pet as you can, including the name. Include the name of your dog, as well as his color, weight, distinguishing features, some common habits, and any other distinguishing features unique to your dog. Afterwards, place this advertisement in as many places as you can—community centers, grocery stores, neighborhood billboards, pet supply stores, and everywhere else.

2. Try the Internet. The Internet is a vast place that might just help you find your pet. You can start with your personal sites. Upload a video or a photo of your pet, along with a short but touching message about your pet. These are the kinds of posts that can and will easily go viral. You might also want to post these online ads in Facebook groups that are location-based. Some websites that you might also want to try are the following: Center for Lost Pets, Fido Finder, Craigslist, and Lost Pet USA.

3. Visit local shelters and dog parks. If it’s been a couple of days since you lost your dog, don’t lose hope. Broaden your search. Check out nearby police stations, keep track of your online ads, and visit local shelters or dog parks.

One of the toughest things that can happen to a pet owner is to lose their dog. But the last thing you can afford to lose is hope—hope of finding your pawsome friend again. Follow these tips on how to find your lost dog, and one of our tips just might help you find your missing dog.