Hiking and Camping With Your Dog? Here's EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Hiking or Camping with your Dog
Bring your dog hiking packs, and get ready to go on a camping trip with your furry friend! Wouldn’t it be nice to let your dog see the wonders of the world—the panoramic view and all—through an exciting hiking trip? 
What do you need to keep in mind when hiking with your dogs, though? You’ll have to prepare a bit more when bringing your canine companion. But it’s nothing you can’t handle as long as you follow hiking and camping with your dog tips.

Before you go hiking

Don’t rush into the woods just yet! There are some preparations you have to follow before you venture into a hiking trip. First of all, are your dogs updated with his necessary canine vaccinations? Make sure you have an updated rabies vaccination certification to prove that your dog is safe to go camping and hiking.  

Next, does your dog have an identification tag that has the contact details of a relative or a friend that can contact you? 

Third, do you have a retractable extra dogleash? Remember that you will be bringing your dog in a new environment, and will therefore be naturally curious about his surroundings. Let him explore the surroundings, but don’t let your dog stray too far and possibly get lost.

You ought to check if the park allows hikers and campers to bring dogs along with them. Still, a few campgrounds don’t allow this, so you better call ahead just to be sure. Be sure to bring a first aid kit for your dog as well, containing the following: tweezers to remove thorns on your dog’s paw, as well as an adhesive tape and sock to wrap around your dog’s paw.

Important tips when you camp or hike with your dog

After taking care of the preliminary matters, there are some crucial tips you have to follow as you go along your hiking trip. Believe us, these will definitely make your journey a lot sweeter with your pawsome pal.

1. Bring water. Unlike you, dogs are not capable of perspiring. You might want to bring water to keep your dog cool. Another cool thing you can do is to bring a body cooler bandana and wrap it around your dog’s neck. Basically, it’s a bandana that you soak in water before placing on your pet’s neck,

2. Have packed food ready for your dog. Burning calories with your dog is fun—but it’s still burning calories, and it will have to be replaced by food that you’ll your dog along the way. Check out some cool portable dishes that will be great for loading your dog with calories.

3. Take your dog out for a little practice. In the same way that you can’t go camping without practice, you also have to train your dog for walking long distances and carrying a loaded pack with him. This way, he can at least get used to carrying around the extra load with him. Dog hiking packs can easily be carried around by dogs that are over 20 pounds, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Make your dog wear dog boots. If the trail that you and your dog will be walking on is rough, you will have to make your dog wear dog boots. Dog pads might not be enough.

5. Bring a portable dog carrier with you. There are a couple of pet supplies store online that sell a portable dog carrier. Trust us, you’ll need when your dogs need to stop and rest.

Some last-minute dog hiking tips:

There are also some last-minute tips you might want to keep in mind.

  • Your dog must always stay on the trail.
  • You must train your dog with the basics of obedience training, and must have an understanding of your voice commands.
  • You should not let your pet eliminate—poo or pee—on the trail. If this happens, you should be responsible enough to remove it or to have it buried, as a responsible pet owner.

Have you tried hiking or camping with your dog? Share your experiences here!